iTots Storytime Lesson Plan

iTots Storytime: Storytime is for making stories come alive in new ways: see how apps and digital books can enhance reading together! No siblings under 24 months, please. Registration limited to 10. Child must be age 2-5.

  1. Hello Song
  2. Wiggle
  3. Story #1: iPad story on projector
  4. Wiggle
  5. Wiggle
  6. Story #2: Interactive dead tree book
  7. Wiggle
  8. Story #3: iPad story on projector
  9. Goodbye song
  10. Craft and Playtime

I stick very loosely to this outline as I run iTots storytime. Ages can vary widely – a group of 4 year olds will sit through a 3rd story happily, but if they’re all under three there’s no way – so I adapt on the fly. I always make sure to share at least one iPad story and at least one interactive story book.

A “wiggle” is any activity other than listening to a storybook. Silly songs, nursery rhymes, and magnet/felt props are my usual wiggles.

Craft and playtime is special during iTots Storytime: I keep the group small for this reason. Our crafts are MESSY, sensory, special projects. Along with the blocks and ball tower, I also get out our 5 library iPads so the kids can play with the story apps I read aloud and with the other ECE apps I’ve installed on them. The idea with this playtime is to emphasize to caregivers how a balanced mix of real-life sensory activities and shared screen time is appropriate for children over two years old. 


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