Toddler Time Lesson Plan

Toddler Time: Get your little one acquainted with the library at this two-riffic storytime, followed by a craft and socialization time. Registration limited to 15. Child must be 24-36 months on the first day of class. Class meets weekly in 8-week sessions (4 per year).

  1. Board Books
  2. Hello Song
  3. Silly Song or Nursery Rhyme
  4. Story #1
  5. Variable Wiggle
  6. Variable Wiggle
  7. Story #2
  8. Weekly Wiggle
  9. Song Cube
  10. Goodbye Song
  11. Craft and Playtime

This is the outline I work from when I plan Toddler Time. I keep the pattern of activities the same – toddlers pick up on these routines and they love knowing what comes next at storytime – but I switch things up as needed depending on their behavior and interest level. I don’t hesitate to skip or repeat an activity if it feels right in the moment.

1. Board Books: this is a great soft opener for storytime that encourages reading, sharing, and parent interaction. I bring a basket of board books to class, and as the children arrive, I offer them a book to read “while we wait for all your friends.” The caregiver and the toddler share the book together, and when they’re done reading, the child brings it back to me to trade it for a new one. This gives the child great practice interacting with me (an adult outside their own family) and sharing. I give them at least five, usually 8 minutes of Board Book Time before starting class, which means the hello song for a 9:30 session starts at about 9:38. It’s nice for caregivers who get a late start, too!

5. 6. & 8. Wiggles: a “wiggle” in my storytime is anything that isn’t sitting and listening to a storybook. Sometimes it’s an action rhyme or fingerplay; more often it is a magnet or felt board prop. I’ve done nursery rhymes, silly songs, games, stretches, and even iPad games. The “Weekly Wiggle” is a prop-based activity that I design to carry through a whole 8-week session.


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