Prop Story: I Broke My Trunk!

I broke My trunk

The cumulative nature of this Mo Willems gem makes it perfect as a prop story. I made my animals by photocopying illustrations from the book, cutting them out, and using those as stencils on construction paper. Once I had the construction paper animals cut out, I added details with a fine point Sharpie and a white colored pencil, then laminated them and added sticky velcro to the back.

They debuted at iTots Storytime and it went well; I read the book out loud like normal, and paused at the appropriate times to stack up my velcro props. I could probably tell it without the book, but I’m not confident enough with that title to do it unsupported – yet.

The kids responded really well to this story, and my coworkers were impressed with it too: I think it will get used outside of my programs, which is great!


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