Pizza Dinosaurs

What food’s more fun and storytime-able than pizza? None. Pizza storytimes from Storytime Katie, Abby the Librarian, and the Perry Public Library prove that! But what’s an even better theme than pizza?

Mother. Effing. Dinosaurs. (roooooaaaaar!)

Class: Toddler Time (registered), October 30 2014. 2 sessions (total attendance 35)

The Plan:

  1. Board Books (soft opener)
  2. Welcome songs: Hello Friends and Open Shut Them
  3. Story #1: Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter
  4. Build a Pizza prop
    1. I showed the kids a tan circle: this is the crust! Then a smaller red circle: This is the sauce! What goes on top? Ice cream? Lettuce? Hot dogs? prompting them to answer, CHEESE! Then I put the pizza down on the carpet and passed out tiny handfuls of yellow and white yarn so the kids could each add a little cheese to our pizza. “There! now when your parents make pizza at home, you can say ‘Let me help! I learned how to make pizza at storytime!'”
  5. Scarf Songs (I learned all my scarf songs/rhymes from Jbrary, of course)
    1. Pat a Cake Pizza Man (adapted into a scarf activity from Storytime Katie’s fingerplay)
    2. Jack in the Box
    3. We Wave Our Scarves Together
    4. Popcorn Kernels
  6. Story #2: Dinosaur Parade by Shari Halpern
  7. Little Mouse: a very common storytime game. I first saw it done at a Lapsit Leaders prop-a-palooza.
  8. Song Dice: another common storytime idea; I first came across it at Mel’s Desk.
  9. Goodbye Song: Goodbye Friends
  10. Craft and Playtime: Pizza Dinosaurs! This was inspired by the ‘pizza dinosaur’ who delivers a pizza in Hi, Pizza Man! My library has an incredible 3D standup dinosaur die cut that I used for this activity. I cut the dinos out of various colors of poster board or card stock and put out pepperoni, olives, fancy hats, letter Ps, green peppers, and yarn cheese along with crayons and glue sticks. Grown ups helped with slotting the legs onto the body and voila! a super-silly toy to take home.

How did it go?

This storytime was a delight from start to finish. The kids really loved putting yarn cheese on our pretend pizza! They were also utterly entranced by Hi, Pizza Man! and were enthusiastic about making the animal noises and doorbell sounds on every page turn. I’m furious that this book is so hard to find – every library should have a copy. The silly craft was a giggle-making hit with toddlers, parents, and coworkers alike.

photo 1

Pizza Dinosaurs, Before

photo 2

Pizza Dinosaurs, After


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