Storytime All Star: Bee-bim Bop!

bee bim bopThis book by Linda Sue Park and illustrated by Ho Baek Lee is a must read. The text has a bouncy, pleasant rhyme and the repetition makes it easy for children and parents to chant along with you. My storytimers did this without any coaching! The pictures are warm and friendly, the main character is relatable, and the ending – a full tummy – is a happy one. This is a perfect fit for food storytimes, Korean culture storytime, or family storytime. At the end, there is one page that shows the family gathering for a (presumably Christian) prayer before eating their meal. I work in a very multicultural and multi-religion library, where we avoid storytime themes about any religious holiday out of respect for the audience members who aren’t part of that tradition, but this page was innocuous enough that I read it anyway. If you want to skip it, though, you certainly could.

Try this out for your storytime! Toddlers and preschoolers alike will be enchanted by it, and grown ups will clamor to take it home so they can follow the recipe for bee-bim bop (which translates to ‘mix-mix rice’) in the back matter.


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