Flannel Friday: Five Giant Pumpkins

My version of this rhyme is adapted from the clever two-sided version at Read Rabbit Read. I rewrote a few of the lines and made the prop in a different style: I had a large pumpkin covering up a smaller image of what that pumpkin became, then took down the big pumpkin as I read each line. I used construction paper, the die cut machine, and the laminating machine, along with some yarn and sharpies.
5 pumpkins

pieFive giant pumpkins, sitting on the floor; one became a pumpkin pie, then there were four.




jack o lanternFour giant pumpkins, orange as can be; one became a jack-o-lantern, then there were three.




carriageThree giant pumpkins, bibiddy-bobiddy boo! One became a carriage, then there were two.






prize winner

Two giant pumpkins, underneath the sun; one got first prize, then there was one.





under the pumpkinsOne giant pumpkin, sitting all alone; I picked it up and carried it home!


On the last line, I didn’t have anything hiding behind the big pumpkin: I just mimed carrying it and put it away at “home” (behind the easel).


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