Storytime Theme: Squirrels

Class: Toddler Time, two sessions 10-23-14

Books: Frisky Brisky Hippity Hop by Lurie/Head/White; The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri

frisky brisky

busy little squirrel


  1. Board Books
  2. Starter Songs: Hello Friends and Open, Shut Them
  3. Discussion: What does a squirrel look like? 2 eyes, 2 ears, pointy fingers, bushy tail, etc
  4. Story #1: Frisky Brisky Hippity Hop
  5. I Wake Up My Hands
  6. Scarf Songs
  7. Five Little Squirrels rhyme
  8. Story #2: The Busy Little Squirrel
  9. Little Mouse
  10. Song Dice
  11. Goodbye Song
  12. Craft and Playtime: squirrels with S tails (adapted from this pin)

photo 5

Five Little Squirrels (Velcro/Flannel story): Credit to Mystery Former Employee, as this one was in the filing cabinet ready to go before I ever started here.

My photo turned out kind of blurry so it’s hard to read the text. I made some slight alterations to it, and this is the version I used in class:

Five little squirrels with acorns to store, one went to sleep and then there were FOUR. Four little squirrels playing in a tree, one fell down and then there were THREE. Three little squirrels wondering what to do, one went home for dinner, then there were TWO. Two little squirrels, tossing acorns for fun, one went to the pumpkin patch, then there was ONE. One little squirrel, playing in the sun, he ran away, then there were NONE!

squirrel craft

My squirrel on the top; a toddler’s below.

The Ss were done on the die cut machine (then I hand-trimmed off the serifs), the squirrels and acorns were printed out and cut by hand.

How it went: The morning class only heard one book – the Tafuri title. I did use Frisky to show them photos of squirrels, though, when we talked about what a squirrel looks like. The late morning class heard both books, but missed out on Little Mouse (cut for time, since they were rowdy and we did some extra wiggle songs). This was a normal storytime – the kids had fun, the parents participated, everyone left happy!


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