Flannel Friday: Where is (animal) hiding?

Today I’m excited to be featured – in very good company – on Jbrary’s winter links post. Lucky me!

This game is played the exact same way as Little Mouse, but I made household furniture for the animals to hide behind. Each week, I made a new animal to hide that matched my theme. How many can you spot?

Kids love this game and are easily tricked even by my basic sleight-of-hand skills. When I was asking them where the animal hid, I emphasized the color of each item. I like this because it introduced the vocabulary words Plant, Couch, Dresser, and Bed, as well as the names and colors of each animal.


Some of the animals are made from a die cut; some are freehand. All of the furniture was done freehand. Everything is laminated construction paper with a magnet strip and accents in sharpie. If I were making this over again, I would plan the bed better so that it was big enough to hide some of the larger animals and so that the pillow was a different shade of blue – I worried that calling it “the blue bed” was confusing since it actually has three colors.


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