Storytime Theme: Playing the Hits

At the tail end of 2014, I started a new job. My first solo program was a Saturday storytime – a low key drop in program for families, with content aimed at ages 2-7. I had new parents, new children, and new co-workers to impress, so I decided to just play the hits: Raffi, egg shakers, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Little Mouse, and a book. Here’s my outline:

  1. Soft opening with board books
  2. Housekeeping and welcome
  3. Hello Songs
    1. Hello Friends
    2. I’m in the Mood for Singing
  4. Little Mouse
  5. Nursery Rhyme: Hickory Dickory Dock
  6. Story: Hickory Dickory Dog by Alison Murray
  7. Egg Shaker Songs
    1. I Can Make My Egg … (credit to a coworker. lyrics in the PDF)
    2. Egg Shakers UP
  8. Zoom Zoom Zoom
  9. Goodbye Song: Goodbye Friends

hickorydickorydogHickory Dickory Dog was not a runaway hit, but it was quite serviceable, and I liked the way it connected to the nursery rhyme. I sang everything a capella and made handouts with all of the song lyrics for grown ups, which let me keep this session zero-tech (aka: zero-stress). If you’d like to use it, here’s a PDF: Saturday Stories Song Lyrics.

My new library doesn’t include crafts with storytimes, and doing a program without one was eye-opening. Planning this program was just me spending half an hour listing all my favorite storytime activities and then another half an hour flipping through New Library’s filing cabinet full of flannels to see what I had to choose from. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!


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