Booktalk This: Greenglass House by Kate Milford

Greenglass HouseGreenglass House by Kate Milford

An absorbing cozy mystery with a POC lead and a maelstrom of secrets to uncover. Greenglass House is a hotel for smugglers, and over the years its seen violence, crime, and tragedy. When a large group of unexpected guests turn up in the dead of winter, all with secretive ties to each other and the history of the house, Milo knows that investigating them and their secrets will take a lot of courage.

Greenglass House creates a mesmerizing spell from the very first page. The sense of place is palpable as Milford spins a web of mysterious interactions, hints, and paths to discovery. Milo, the adopted Chinese son of American parents, explores not just the mystery at hand, but also his self-confidence as an adopted child. He does so with the help of Meddy (the hotel cook’s daughter) and a role playing game that lets him inhabit a character of his own invention, one with the confidence and charisma he thinks are beyond his reach (spoiler alert! They were inside him all along).


Highlights for booktalks:

  • Like every good mystery, this one has a few twists you’ll never see coming.
  • Milo’s Chinese heritage makes him feel like a fish out of water, even though he loves his parents very much. Maybe you’ve had an experience where you felt happy and sad about the same thing at the same time.
  • For fans of The Mysterious Benedict Society, Holes, and The Westing Game.

Recommended for grades 5-8.


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