This Month(s) in School Services


To promote the 2015 SRC, my library pulled out all the stops. Hundreds of work hours went into the promotional video (which is a triumph – the rain of rubber duckies makes me giggle every time). Throughout May, we trotted out to all the schools in our district and presented an assembly to every student in grades K-4.

6 librarians | 3 cities | 14 assemblies | 5 schools | 2276 students

programming: sometimes you're Ariel, sometimes you're Eric.

programming: sometimes you’re Ariel, sometimes you’re Eric.

What I learned: I have a very casual approach to presentations – even those in front of large audiences. I am comfortable with ad libbing and going off-script. Over-rehearsing bores me. I should do programs with other extemporaneous presenters, not with the more rigidly scripted and shy librarians. When you’re doing presentations, know your style and own it! And more importantly, communicate that knowledge to your co-presenters. I had 6 people in my group, but most libraries will only have one school liaison, maybe two. If you’re stuck presenting with someone who has a different style, talk about it beforehand so that you can reach a compromise that pleases both of you.


SRC launch: 6/6

SRC Kickoff Party: 6/14 Hundreds of people came to our free concert / free ice cream / free craft party. It was a crazy, but 100% satisfying day. We love seeing this many happy patrons!

School loans ongoing: A few designated teachers of summer school classes and preschools still receive teacher loans during the summer, so we are still pulling books and prepping loan totes.

SRC: Something for everyone!


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