Flannel Friday: Five Giant Pumpkins

My version of this rhyme is adapted from the clever two-sided version at Read Rabbit Read. I rewrote a few of the lines and made the prop in a different style: I had a large pumpkin covering up a smaller image of what that pumpkin became, then took down the big pumpkin as I read each line. I used construction paper, the die cut machine, and the laminating machine, along with some yarn and sharpies.
5 pumpkins

pieFive giant pumpkins, sitting on the floor; one became a pumpkin pie, then there were four.




jack o lanternFour giant pumpkins, orange as can be; one became a jack-o-lantern, then there were three.




carriageThree giant pumpkins, bibiddy-bobiddy boo! One became a carriage, then there were two.






prize winner

Two giant pumpkins, underneath the sun; one got first prize, then there was one.





under the pumpkinsOne giant pumpkin, sitting all alone; I picked it up and carried it home!


On the last line, I didn’t have anything hiding behind the big pumpkin: I just mimed carrying it and put it away at “home” (behind the easel).


Prop Story: I Broke My Trunk!

I broke My trunk

The cumulative nature of this Mo Willems gem makes it perfect as a prop story. I made my animals by photocopying illustrations from the book, cutting them out, and using those as stencils on construction paper. Once I had the construction paper animals cut out, I added details with a fine point Sharpie and a white colored pencil, then laminated them and added sticky velcro to the back.

They debuted at iTots Storytime and it went well; I read the book out loud like normal, and paused at the appropriate times to stack up my velcro props. I could probably tell it without the book, but I’m not confident enough with that title to do it unsupported – yet.

The kids responded really well to this story, and my coworkers were impressed with it too: I think it will get used outside of my programs, which is great!

Storytime All Star: Clip Clop

Clip Clop by Nicola Smee

This fabulous storytime title is, regrettably, out of print. My library’s hardcover was hugged to death before I started here, so I bought the hardcover used from Amazon and donated it to the Office collection. I’ve read this book more than any other storytime title, and in three different formats: the tiny board book, the full size hardcover, and a stick puppet I made from the photocopies of the hardcover book. My favorite is the puppet – it’s so fun to throw all the animals when they go flying into the haystack! My storytime students are starting to really know this book – when they see it propped up in the front of the room, they shout “clip clop!” at it.

Clip Clop is so successful because it’s so adaptable. You can do a straight read aloud, but that’s not going to make this a storytime all star. If you add a rhythm slap on your thigh when you read out “clip clop, clippety-clop!” you’ve suddenly got an interactive, exciting book that lets kids practice gross motor skills. But it doesn’t stop there: for very little listeners, you can break on each page to count the animals riding on Mr. Horse, name their colors, or make their sounds.

Read during: Toddler Time, winter-spring-summer sessions 2014

clip clop

Clippety-cloppety! Clippety-cloppety!